Remedial Infotech USA, Inc., is a title insurance production company providing title insurance services to companies, agencies and real estate professionals desiring to outsource their title insurance production needs. With nationwide covereragen of title examination and title policy typing, we are your one stop shop for all title production needs, We provide an arrey of services from Order entry into client production system to chain of title examination to typing title policies as your needs require. We are a privately-owned company. The leadership team has a combined experience of over 30 years in the title industry. Our staff has over 10 years experience

We provide order entry services to our clients with accuracy and an aggressive turntime ranging from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

We receive sales contract or an order sheet containing basic property information such as property address, owner and buyer details, agent names, lender details, etc. We capture these details onto a pre-defined template to initiate the order, and do an order entry in the client production system with all the relevant information.

We provide tax Certification services to many title agencies, settlement companies & vendor management companies and the likes, Current/ Delinquent Tax Information - Calling to verify current and delinquent tax information on a property. We also verify tax sale and bankruptcy information Tax Search Report - Determine the current status of real estate taxes against a property

Our Report includes:

  • Parcel Identification Number
  • Tax year
  • Tax Period (annually or installments)
  • Tax ID#
  • Date and the Amount Paid
  • Delinquent taxes
  • Assessed Value
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Building and Land value

HUD1 settlement statement is an extremely important document for first and, in some cases, second lenders in order to confirm the amount due to them during settlement of deal, therefore, proper discretion should be shown to choose the right service provider who can do a perfect job. Our professionals at Remedial Infotech have years of experience in collating and presenting lender, borrower, third party and settlement agent fees to compile a descriptive HUD1 statement or form that corroborates with the lender ' s closing instructions.

Itemizing the fees charged for services to the borrower by the lender or broker requires verification of a number of details viz. commissions, payoff amounts, tax details, loan fees, recording fees, notary fees, to name a few. Remedialinfotech's Services team meticulously confirms such details to prepare preliminary as well as final HUD1 statements to the satisfaction of involved parties.

Remedial INFOTECH Services experience in presenting a commitment & preliminary title report or title search report in record TAT is exemplary. Smart working professionals are at your service, understanding your needs and following up on the same to give you deliveries of unmatched quality. Remrdial InfoTech's Services' s "customer first " motto helps us leverage smooth and secure flow of information that enables us to excel at our work. A comprehensive package of various title services at Remedial Infotech helps our clients achieve their goal effortlessly.

We have a high level of expertise in ityping the final title policies for owners and lenders. We have supported several Title Companies in clearing their backlogs, and improved our clients' TAT for issuing policies from months to 48 hours within closing. We have a unique turn-key model for this service, where, once the closing is done, we take over handling the closing documents, recording them, typing the policy, printing it, and delivering it to your end clients.

Over the years, we have prepared several hundred thousands of policies for Resale Loan, Refinance, and Cash-Deal products. We have experience in issuing Long Form and Short form policies, using ALTA and CLTA forms.

  • We receive the closing package containing lender instructions, Title commitment, HUD, and the recorded documents as inputs
  • We can issue the policies with or without the closing officer's write-up, which may or may not be available
  • We have the ability to prepare policies in various platforms such as SoftPro, (prior training would be required for any client specific platform)

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